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Forget the Flowers

A dance film exploring love, loss, and self-discovery.

Forget the Flowers uses movement and dance to explore the grieving process that occurs after the end of a relationship, shedding light on something that is often only experienced behind closed doors - the struggle to get out of bed, questioning yourself and what you did wrong that led to the end of the relationship, despair, the intense feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, isolation, etc. The film explores how, when we allow ourselves to talk about the experience and truly feel our emotions, we can then begin to heal. This brings us to a place of discovering who we truly are and what we want from life so that we can rebuild, refocus, and prioritize the things that are most important in our lives. My hope is that by showcasing this process through a dance film, it will lead the audience to self-reflection and ultimately to a dialogue of their own experiences.

Forget the Flowers is being produced through the Brockus Project Studios SHIFT/west WMN Residency program, which is providing rehearsal space and one day of filming space, along with mentorship and other resources. While many of the production team and staff are donating their time and talents to the project, there are additional expenses associated with the completion of the project. Your financial contribution will help ensure its success! 

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and will help cover the cost of:

  • Costumes
  • Set pieces and props
  • Artists' fees
  • Lighting equipment rentals
  • Catering for the artists and crew on set
  • COVID-19 safety equipment

Meet The Team

Toni Fuller

Creator, Producer, Choreographer

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Toni Fuller is a choreographer and dancer based in Los Angeles, CA. She received her BFA in dance from Cornish College of the Arts and has choreographed for both musical theater (Funny Girl, The Sound of Music, The Pajama Game) and concert dance (MixMatch Dance Festival, LA Unbound, The Rialto Theatre, Cornish). Most recently, she choreographed and danced in Lord Loud's music video for their song "Turbulence", which won Best Dance (Feb 2021) from Int'l Music Video Underground, as well as becoming a finalist for several other festivals.

When not creating work or dancing in other projects, Toni enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring the city - finding a new hiking trail, roller skating at the beach, seeing a show at one of the many regional theaters in town, or checking out a new-to-her restaurant. She is excited to be working on Forget the Flowers with an incredible team and cannot wait to share the final film with her community and beyond!

Adrianne Lundy Headshot.jpg

Adrianne Lundy

Director, Screen Writer

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Adrianne Lundy is a filmmaker from Denver, Colorado with a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from New York Film Academy. Now living in Los Angeles, Adrianne has worked on a number of film projects and has found a love for the modern artistic film scene in the city. Her most recent film, Two Weeks in Laredo, was selected to screen at The Paris Short Film Festival and was an intimate look into the experimental and dance genre.


Justin Wolfe Smith,


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Justin Wolfe Smith is a Los Angeles based actor, singer, and dancer who received his BFA in Musical Theatre from Nazareth College. He is thrilled to be dancing in Forget the Flowers! A few past credits include; Peter in the Flower City Pilot, Jack the Ripper in Monster stomp: on Ripper Row at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and Danny Zuko in Grease. He’ll be heading to Circa ’21 in July to perform in Saturday Night Fever as Tony Manero and then to Busch Gardens in September for their Hallow-scream season, again as Jack the Ripper. Enjoy!


Steven M. Schwartz,


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Steven M. Schwartz is an international award-nominated film composer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. Coming from a musical family, Steve has been a music enthusiast from an early age, learning piano, saxophone and guitar. Though what fascinated Steve most in music was film music - how it enhances storylines and creates an other-world experience. He quotes, “When I was about 5 or 6 years old, I first heard Danny Elfman’s score for Batman. It moved me in a way I cannot describe - I was immediately transfixed and drawn in.” Steven began writing music himself and, at the age of 18, pursued a professional song-writing career as a vocalist and guitarist, fronting a band. After years of touring and being away from home, Steve made the decision to instead focus all of his energy into his other passion - the art of composing for Film, TV, and Media.


He moved to LA from New York City, and quickly started making a name for himself as a composer, while studying at UCLA Film Scoring Extension. Within two years, he landed his first feature film, and was nominated for an AMAA (African Movie Academy Award) for Achievement in Score for the film. It has been quite the journey for Steven, but he is only scratching the surface of what’s to become a very successful career as a composer.

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